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Digital media, especially video assets, is critical not only to your company’s success but its survival! Videos can increase people’s understanding of your product or service by 74% versus text only.1 Three quarters of users visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video.1 Companies that don’t include digital media as a key part of their marketing strategies are being left behind and becoming less relevant.

SuiteSyndicator is a state-of-the-art digital media archiving, syndication & analytics system which allows you to aggregate, syndicate and view analytics of your digital assets into one location. Easy to use, robust yet configurable, with built-in aggregate and individualized analytics, SuiteSyndicator is “Digital Media Made Easy.” After a simple upload process, digital assets are automatically converted into web-capable formats, including those for mobile devices, online sites, and Smart TV channels.

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  • Digital assets can be saved & organized by title, description, tags, meta tags, keywords, or other designators.
  • Digital assets can be assigned to one or more categories.
  • Through simple steps within SuiteSyndicator, there are administrative controls that allow for each digital asset to be approved or denied for syndication, overall or per individual syndication channel.
  • Videos can be made public or can be assigned to editorial channels or closed groups – allowing only certain employees or department’s access.
  • Once an asset is published it can be viewed, rated, commented or shared.
  • Media content can be searched and found via the search function, channels, categories, tags or featured media lists.
  • Suite Syndicator contains a pin board, known from Facebook, where latest activities will be displayed.
  • SuiteSyndicator provides a robust analytics dashboard with the ability for aggregate or individualized digital asset or channel reporting.
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Corporate Tube

SuiteSyndicator’s Corporate Tube allows companies to upload, share, search, and watch live and on-demand videos and other media content - when they want it and where they want it. SuiteSyndicator is device-neutral and provides an unparalleled user experience as well as powerful compliance and administrative controls. The Corporate Tube allows you to centralize your videos in a secure environment and enables Corporate Communications or IT to manage the flow of video content within the network.

  • Corporate Communications
  • Executive Messages
  • Employee Training and Onboarding
  • Employee Training and Onboarding
  • Sales Presentations and Collateral
  • Live Events

Social Syndication

Syndicating or publishing your content is literally a few clicks away with SuiteSyndicator. Once you have selected your digital asset, you can select one or multiple social sites to publish your content. It’s that easy! And once your file has been published, you can click on the social media icon to view it on the actual site. All of this can be done from one centralized location – SuiteSyndicator!

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WebTV offers a broadcasting option for both “live” and on-demand programming. You can have defined programming for each time slot or set pre-defined playlists to “autoplay.” WebTV is device neutral so your audience can access your programming from a large TV screen, PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The playlist function is extremely well-suited for presentations at the POS (point of sales) or at exhibitions/congresses.

You can also simultaneously broadcast live into your OTT channels (ROKU and SmartTV).

Channel Creator

Over-The-Top (OTT) is rapidly changing the global TV market and exploding in the United States as more viewers are “cutting the cord” and using SmartTVs and streaming devices to watch videos in HD and larger format. SuiteSyndicator is the first integrated digital asset system to allow for the creation, syndication, and management of content for OTT. Some of the leading platforms for OTT channels include:

  • ROKU
  • Amazon Fire Channel Creator
  • SmartTV Channel Creator
  • AppleTV Channel Creator
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Analytics and Reporting

Not only can you syndicate or publish your digital media assets from one centralized system, but you can measure the results and effectiveness as well. SuiteSyndicator connects you with your audience and then provides you with the most robust analytics on those touchpoints – all in one place. No other system provides the real-time reporting and analytics available with SuiteSyndicator.

  • Total number of views
  • Unique views
  • Views by source
  • Views by demographic
  • Overall view time
  • Average view time
  • Average view duration
  • Total shares
  • Total comments

The Extreme Agile speaker bureau event and logistics platform is a proprietary online registration, logistics management, and reporting platform, to support PhRMA compliant promotional & brand driven speaker programs, and other brand initiatives. Nicknamed “S.P.E.C.K.L.E.S”, it is a modular system that allows for individual client configuration across all types of HCP engagements based on best demonstrated practices developed for Speaker Programs. The Extreme platform is hands-down the best in the industry today.

The powerful scope of features incorporated into the Extreme speaker bureau management portal include, but are not limited to all of the following:

Comprehensive program budget management

  • Ability to easily nominate new speakers, and use e-contracting for quicker turnaround of speaker contracts
  • Ability to view status of contracting/training, review speaker utilization and feedback information
  • Ability to initiate a program with all relevant details and receive automated program status alerts, and full visibility access to monitor program status through secure web connections
  • Easily manage RSVPs, registration and attendee data
  • Quickly generate electronic invitations and view/download marketing and presentation materials
  • Finalize and complete required meeting close-out data and review
  • Business rule automation to ensure adherence to company policies throughout the program process, including program closeout – Business rules are easily configured for you by Extreme
  • Comprehensive permission-based tracking of all meeting data through dashboard analytics and reports - Including weekly reporting by program type, program cost and number of attendees
  • Reporting – extensive standard and ad hoc reporting are available to meet each of your specific business needs
  • Aggregate spend reporting and analysis
  • Ability to easily post important updates, news and training materials
  • Speaker Portal to provide speakers access to electronically sign contracts, download approved product presentations; update profiles; store key documents (CV, Bio, photo, etc.); manage meeting calendar; specify travel preferences; view and monitor honorarium and expense payment history; and communicate with client users.

The iSign-in App is an easy-to-use attendee management app to certify attendance and capture digital signatures at healthcare promotional events and speaker programs. Onsite Attendee Management

For anyone who has hosted a healthcare promotional event, you understand how difficult it can be to keep track of paper sign-in sheets and ensure you capture signatures from all your attendees. The iSign-In app makes this process streamlined and easier.

Post Program Closeout

Accurate and timely closeout of programs is a must for healthcare promotional events and it’s critical for compliance and reporting purposes that all attendee information is properly documented. Using the iSign-In app onsite and your program makes program closeout a breeze.

  • Data from app downloaded to event management software in real-time
  • Substantially reduces the amount of time to close out a program
  • Eliminates the need to manually enter attendees from paper sign-in sheets
  • No shows are automatically updated
  • Meal consumption is indicated for easy calculation of food and beverage consumption costs
  • Compliant Sunshine Reporting capabilities
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The Extreme Conference Management System™ (CMS) is our proprietary software platform to help with all aspects of your conference including Conference creation, Customized registration & Notifications, Budget tracking, Web-based mobile apps, real-time dynamic reporting and many more solutions you need to succeed. Registration Management:

  • Cloud based registration to create customizable registration solutions and send invites to the team or individuals. The solution also provides admin rights for managing the registration page which includes conditional visibility in which user can set restrictions in viewing text, graphics, field or a section in the form.
  • One of the unique features of our Registration solution is the capability of handling “Waitlisted” attendees. Customized emails are sent to registrants once they are moved from “Waitlist” to “Confirmed”.
Configurable & Customizable:
  • End user registrations site can be customized to your needs. You can also add your Company Logo and Tag lines to.
  • Flexible site design allows to manage attendees and reporting needs.
  • Key features include easy integration with other (customer relationship management) CRM solutions, electronic payment gateways for online payment collection and emails to push marketing literature.
Real time reporting:
  • Real time reporting gathers up-to-the minute data as it happens. This can be shared it with your leadership team to help them take decisions.
  • Real time reporting is supplemented with beautiful graphs and pie charts to be effective in communication. It helps to data mine and create own reports.
  • Real time reports and/or offline reports can be configured to the need of the event.
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Extreme Retrieval™ offers a robust yet user-friendly lead capturing application which can result in better quality leads with more targeted data, budget savings, and the ability to internally share leads in real time.

Lead share capability

We understand that your entire sales team cannot be at every meeting. With our lead share capability, you can share a lead with the attendee’s appropriate salesperson for follow up. This action can be performed immediately after a badge is scanned with the ability to attach comments and notes.

Now, this is teamwork!

  • Scan & send the lead direct to the appropriate salesperson
  • Qualify and attach notes to the lead before sending to a colleague
  • The lead is sent via email
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The Extreme Retrieval app will be branded with your company’s colors and logo. The emails sent from the show floor will also be fully branded and configured to your preference. Our app includes customize lead qualifiers, survey questions, and follow up emails to maximize your return from a conference.

  • Company colors and logo will be integrated in all aspects
  • Customize your qualifier questions and/or surveys to be specific to your company
  • Customize reporting to your company standards
Budget savings

Many companies are not aware they have options when it comes to lead retrieval vendors. We want you to know that you have options! The Extreme Retrieval app will never charge for additional connections/activations and do not require you to rent any equipment. We create more value at a lower cost!

  • Unlimited connections/activations
  • Auto send marketing materials via email attachment to attendees which cuts down on the printed materials cost
  • No rental fees
Extreme RetrievalTM Association Lead Retrieval
One price. Unlimited
Additional cost for each
No rental fees. Use your own device. Rental fee for scanning devices.
Completely configurable. Off the shelf application.
Use online or offline. Need internet connection.
Send unlimited amount of marketing materials from the show floor with built in Opt-in features. Send limited amount of marketing materials from app.
Security features. Fingerprint ID, Face ID, Pin Access. Security features limited to one unique login with username and password.